Club Revitalization Grants

Recognizing the need to support under charter strength clubs in District Three, the Board of Directors voted to allocate the $2,500.00, raised by pin and scarf sales, in the FY10-11 budget for the express purpose of growing membership in under charter strength clubs. There are currently twelve under charter strength clubs in District Three. The maximum grant will be $300.

The Board agreed that the most equitable distribution of funds would be achieved via a competitive grant process. This process would also help to ensure that clubs seeking assistance would have an opportunity to carefully assess their needs and seek out the kind of assistance that would be most meaningful for their particular situation. The Board of Directors also felt that a club willing to do some amount of work in terms of evaluating their needs and preparing the grant application might be more likely to achieve a successful outcome.

All under charter strength clubs in District Three may submit a revitalization grant application for consideration by the Board of Directors of District Three, Altrusa International, Inc.

2013 Club Revitalization Grant Application .pdf Word